2014, Graduate Students:
Thamer Alqurashi, MS in Pharmacology
Amal Abdulghani, MS in Pharmaceutics

2013-2014, Doctor of Pharmacy Students:
Dr. Anthony Etogo                 
Dr. Hui En Huang                  
Dr. Mustafa Alessa                
Dr. Payal Patel                      
Dr. Milouse Dornevil              
Dr. Pamela Charukulvanich  
Dr. Yizhou (Andrew) Zheng   
Dr. Raissa Tankeu                
Dr. Meghan Crighton             
Dr. Allen Yu                           
Dr. Richard Albano                

2012-2013, Doctor of Pharmacy Students:
Dr. John Sekab                  
Dr. Ali Chehab                    
Dr. George Morroe             
Dr. Mohamed Sayed          
Dr. Vahram Vartanian        
Dr. Amy Beshai                  
Dr. Christian Bialk              
Dr. Jay Xu                          
Dr. Irene Zaitouna               
Dr. Adebukunola Adenuga  
Dr. Ramin Amini                 
Dr. Josephine Dinh             
Dr. Aleksandra Ferdman     
Dr. Mary Rhorer                  
Dr. Oyebola Oladeinde      

2013, Graduate Students:
Ahmed Ashour, MS in Pharmacology

2011-2012, Doctor of Pharmacy Students:
Dr. Priyanka Khanna         
Dr. Nirmit Patel                  
Dr. Stasha Razack            
Dr. Annmae Javier            
Dr. Cherice Petit-Cuthbert
Dr. Darbi Downey             
Dr. Erica Cove                  
Dr. Rafid Zaree                 
Dr. Simon Morroe             
Dr. Jessica Rogers           
Dr. Dennis Benko             
Dr. Kirill Goncharov          

2010-2011, Doctor of Pharmacy Students:
Dr. Joan Syoufjy,            
Dr. Joseph Youkhanna   
Dr. Bander Balkhi            

Past projects by my students:

  • Novel nanotechnology approaches to diagnosis and therapy of ovarian cancer/
  • Employing the inflammatory environment for drug release from lipid-based carriers in ovarian cancer.
  • Role of inhibiting Rac1 in disrupting formation of spheroids and in improving ovarian cancer sensitivity to chemotherapy.
  • Intracellular fate of carbon nanotubes targeting specific receptors on ovarian cancer cells.