Reema Zeineldin, Ph.D.
Biomimetic membranes:
Lipid vesicles spontaneously fuse and assemble into a lipid bilayer on planar or spherical silica surfaces and other
substrates. Supported lipid bilayers (SLBs) are considered to be biomembrane mimetic systems that are stable
because of the underlying substrate. Examples of their shared characteristics with biomembranes include lateral
fluidity, barrier formation to ions and molecules, and their lipid bilayers.
Schematic showing examples of interactions of biomolecules with SLBs. (A) Interaction with SLB by
incorporating a pore-forming protein into the SLB. (B) Interaction of a ligand with a biomolecule
tethered onto the SLB through biotin-streptavidin interactions. (C) Interaction of a ligand with a
membrane protein.
Molecules. 2010, 15:1932-1957.
SLBs on biomimetic microspheres. Fluorimetric detection is shown here as an example. Molecules. 2010,